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What is this Patreon thing I keep banging on about?

So I thought I would write about this because I've had so many people tell me they don't know what Patreon is and how it works. What is it for? Is it safe? Why?

Patreon is a website which allows artists, musicians, podcasters, content creators and anyone creating any kind of art to get paid for the work they do. NO, WAIT, COME BACK! Yes I know it feels grubby to talk about money, but hear me out. 

So right now if you like my music you might either stream the song, buy the song from my site or from a digital outlet (iTunes or amazon music etc) or - if you must - download the song for free in any of the many, naughty ways you can do that. All of these methods have their merits but for me these transactions feel very formal, cold almost and kind of clinical. I make music about real stuff from my head and heart to yours, so it feels somewhat odd to have to conduct 'business' via third parties without getting to speak directly with you.
When I write a song I'm saying 'hey, sometimes I feel like that aswell' or 'I had a shitty day too' or 'don't worry you aren't alone'. I would like the transaction side of the music business to become more like a relationship. A friendship. This is where Patreon comes in.

Consider Patreon a tip jar or think of it like you're agreeing to (very kindly) buy my next song as soon as it is ready. It's a recurring payment, but it's only charged when I release something new and I try to keep releases to one a month. And yes, Patreon is a totally reputable site, your details are safe and you'll never be charged more than you've agreed. You still support me and the music but this way we can talk to each other, we can discuss topics and themes contained in the songs (and whatever else takes your fancy). We get closer and create community, and to be completely honest and transparent, which I will always try to be with you, I get to keep a bigger percentage of the money because we are cutting out the middle men (Patreon take a way smaller percentage than, say, iTunes do).

It works like this : You sign up to Patreon and choose one of the tiers on my page to show your support. There are currently two main ones. $3 per release and $10 per release. The site uses dollars because it's based in America, but your payment is converted into your local currency when it is charged (at the time of writing this $3 would be charged as £2 if you are based in the UK).
Each time I release a song or album you are charged your pledge amount at the end of the month of release. So, if I release a song on March 10th, you get the song along with any other perks in the tier you have selected, and then you are charged at the end of the month.
What are perks? They are extra, fun things that are added along with the download of the song to give you something extra. They are an added incentive to support me through Patreon and they differ depending on how much you pledge per release. There are some fun things on there and I'm always coming up with new stuff. It's a way for me to say a special thank you for your support AND I get to know you, you get to know me and you won't just be a faceless number on a distributor dashboard. It gives me the ability to tell you directly how much your support means to me, and believe me, it really does mean an awful lot. I guess I want community. I actually think I need the community.

It has other great implications too, it shows me exactly the kind of people who like my music, it gives me the chance to run ideas past you all, to ask your opinion on things I'm working on, it gives me an accurate representation of any monetary return I might see when I release a song and that enables me to plan ahead for the next release or the next step Reanimated Boy takes and who know what that could be? A physical release? A vinyl release? Live shows?
It allows me to get personal with you. It brings us closer together. Transaction becomes friendship.

Oh and you can cancel at any time and keep the music and, just in case I go crazy and release more than one song in one month, you can limit the amount you are willing to pay so you don't pay more than you are comfortable with.

If by some small chance you are new here you can hear some of my music on the home page or the videos page if youtube is your thing.

I hope that made some kind of sense. I think I might have rambled a bit but what I'm trying to say is this : I would love to get to know you and to have you along for the ride. I feel like I spend so much if my time alone in my head it would be nice to let some of you in and see if you 'get it'.

Ben/Reanimated Boy

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