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February is nearly over!

I figured (since it was nearly a month since my last blog) that it was time I wrote here again.
It's been a short month, I can't believe it's nearly March already, especially as right now there is a snow blizzard outside.

This month has been a busy one. I made a lyric video for NE1, released the song and launched my Patreon! I'd had my Patreon page set up for months and had never dared to make it live. But now I'm taking all of this seriously I figured it was the right time. Thanks so much to David, Tony, Michael and Marc - you guys are my first Patrons and I cannot thank you enough. You're helping to keep me focussed and I look forward to chatting to you all on the site  :)

Video making is something I'm getting better at (I think anyway). I really enjoy making the videos and artwork for my songs, it's usually time consuming, but I like learning new things and in all honesty it saves a bucket load of money. I really like the video for NE1, I thought that the TV static theme fitted the brashness of the track and matched with the theme of the song, being out of control and not clear. The video for the next track is one I'm REALLY enjoying and it's going to have my face in it for the first time ever.

I've been working hard in my day job, getting up at 5 AM, finishing work by half twelve (most days) and then working at home until around six when I eat, usually try to relax but usually end up doing web stuff.

I've got a list of finished tracks for the album, but I'm not happy with the vocal on a couple of these tracks so I'm going to re-record them while I'm doing vocals for a couple of new songs. Nothing is set in stone with the track list yet and songs tend to get added and removed weekly, but I want to get it right. I'll be posting some snippets of new stuff over the coming weeks so feel free to comment your thoughts on them. The dreaded writers block has been hanging around but it's starting to lift and I've got some lyrics that I'm really proud of on these new tracks.
Had a slightly worrying moment this week when I started work on a new song and my mac just kept crashing Logic Pro. It's never done that before and it's got me worried. Having said that my mac is nearly ten years old now and it's no longer supported from Apple as of this OSX update. So I'm saving for a new one, which is probably going to take a looooooooong time...

In non music stuff, I've been rewatching The X Files. All of them. Probably for the fourth time. I started re-watching them in preparation for the new series (which I'm really enjoying), and I'm going to get right through to the end of them again. Oh yes. 

Garbage (one of my absolute favourite bands EVER) have announced that they are playing my home town! It's a small venue which blows my mind, I can remember Garbage playing stadiums back in the 90s. I haven't got tickets yet, still debating wether I can deal with all the people and the anxiety now that I'm sober, but we'll see. I know if I don't go I'll kick myself.

Season 3 of Ash Vs Evil Dead started this week and I watched the first episode last night. WOW. It was amazing! Bloody, gory, funny - everything you want from anything Evil Dead related. It was just AMAZING and I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings.

Anyway, I'm going to start doing more of these blogs going forward. I'll FORCE myself.

Lastly, here is a list of things that I'm enjoying at the moment. Just in case you want to check anything out :)

Music : Garbage - V2.0, Blink 182 - California (Disc 2 of the California deluxe edition)
TV : X-Files, Portlandia (final season), Howls Moving Castle (nightly, to help me sleep)
Youtube : Al Chestbreach (he does Fallout new vegas and Fallout 4 mod play-throughs, and he is funny as hell!)
Gaming : Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2, Final Fantasy XV (which I'm just getting started on, my first ever Final Fantasy game).
Books : Dead Island by Mark Morris (don't judge me).
Food : Dominoes, especially Pepperoni even though it ALWAYS gives me a bad stomach.

Right I'm off to do some more work. Thanks so so much to you for being my patron, it really does mean a whole lot and it's keeping me pushing on. You're amazing. Hope you are well. :)

Ben (Reanimated Boy)

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